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About us

4p Focus is the Business Strategy and Marketing Consulting division of Crimson Tag Ltd. It started operations in 2003 in Europe and is made up of professionals with solid training and extensive multidisciplinary experience in executive and management positions both in China and in the West.

Unlike other firms, which are structured by sectors, our organization does it by areas of specialization, which allows us to provide personalized solutions based on the cross-cutting experience of our consultants.

We concentrate our efforts on 4 purposes:

• Facilitate the international expansion of Chinese companies
• Support the entry of foreign companies in the Chinese market
• Provide investment opportunities
• Promote joint ventures between Chinese and foreign companies


The mission of 4p Focus is to contribute tangibly to the continuous improvement of the income statement and generated value, supporting organizations (companies and institutions) in the design and implementation of:

Business Strategies

No wind is favorable for those who do not know where it is going (Seneca)

Defining the business strategy means having a compass that allows prioritizing the plans and the allocation of resources, provides criteria to assess the results obtained and, ultimately, guides the day-to-day decisions of each and every one of the areas of the organization.

Marketing strategies and definition of the Marketing-Mix

The Marketing function is to align market needs with solutions provided by the company and establish the means so that demand can supply these solutions.

Marketing is neither advertising, nor communication, nor sales organization, nor the development of new products.

Marketing is an organization’s commitment to place the customer at the center of its decisions. And to satisfy the needs of that client, it uses advertising, communication, sales force, innovation and everything in its power to achieve it.

4p Focus supports organizations in the definition of the Marketing Strategy and its concretion in the different policies in which the Marketing function is specified.

Corporate values

Above all, we are committed to providing benefits to our clients.

We maintain an attitude of loyalty and maximum discretion towards our clients; an activity focused on making things happen, providing creative solutions to detected opportunities or threats.

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